High quality fireproof calcium silicate board 1000C/ 1100C

Calcium silicate insulation board is manufactured form xonotlite and reinforced fiber. It is entirely asbestos-free and non-poisonous to human body. It is a kind of high efficiency and energy-saving product, with the maximum heat-resistant temperature up to 1100 ℃ .


Calcium silicate board is an asbestos-free thermal insulation product that can withstand continuous operating temperature from 650C up  to 1100C. It is light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength, easy to install, reliable and durable. There are 3 grades available namely 650 &1000 & 1100 which are commonly used as furnace backup insulation in steel, petrochemical, ceramic, cement & glass industry or fire protection in building construction. It not only provides energy saving, also increases production efficiency and gives personnel protection in industrial safety aspect. And in the housing construction Calcium Silicate Board is also used as the ceiling, fireproof and heat insulation materials of wall and sound absorption materials of decoration.

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 Item Unit High Temperature(1000℃)
 High Temperature(1000℃) Kg/m3

 Thickness ≥40mm :230(±10%)

 Thickness ≤40mm :270(±10%)

 Flexural Strength Mpa ≥0.50
 Thermal Conductivity W/m.k ≤0.056
 Temp. Limit ℃ 1000
 Linear Shrinkage % 2 (1000 C,16hrs)



1. Light bulk weight, Low thermal conductivity

2. High bending and compressive strength

3. Good durability

4. Strong practicability in construction

5. Non-toxic, non hazardous substances